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Image of Supertreats founder and her son.

The idea for Supertreats came to me a couple of years after the birth of my son.

To try and alleviate the exhaustion I felt, I often reached for treats such as dark chocolate and raw cacao but, of course, these only gave me a temporary ‘high’ that quickly faded and left me feeling even worse afterwards.

I did lots of research and was alarmed to discover that, alongside refined sugar, chocolate contained a significant amount of caffeine – a 50g bar of dark or raw chocolate actually contains the caffeine-equivalent of a shot of espresso!

On top of that, I found out chocolate also contains high quantities of theobromine, a stimulant closely related to caffeine, so the overall stimulating effect of eating chocolate is multiplied. Caffeine, just like refined sugar, can be addictive and highly disruptive to your body and mind, often leading to a vicious cycle of dependency.

Research has shown that it increases the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in your body, putting it in a ‘fight or flight’ mode, similar to that experienced during acute stress. It exacerbates anxiety and mood swings and can lead to chronically elevated cortisol levels that accelerate aging and cause weight gain.

It’s a well know fact that caffeine can disrupt sleep but, crucially, studies have shown that it also deteriorates the quality of deep sleep, which is so important for both physical and mental health.

All of this really opened my eyes to the disruptive effects of caffeine and began to explain much of my own exhaustion and health issues.

Along with this newfound knowledge came the realisation that, to feel healthier, I’d have to give up one of life’s great pleasures. I still desperately wanted to be able to enjoy a ‘chocolatey’ treat at any time of the day, so I set about looking for alternatives.

Carob was an obvious choice, as it’s been used as a chocolate substitute for many years. However, I really didn’t like the earthy taste and gritty texture of so many of the carob products available.

I was so disappointed as it’s such a wonderful superfood, packed with nutrients and health-giving fibres and it’s caffeine free. I decided to make it my goal to create the most indulgent carob ever and reinvent it for a new generation.

After lots of experimentation in my kitchen, I hit upon a winning recipe and, with that, Supertreats bars were born.

I hope you love them as much as my family and I do.

Virpi x

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