Carob pods, seeds and leaves on a wooden table.

Carob Benefits

Carob is the nutrient- and antioxidant-rich fruit of the carob tree. Consumed for centuries throughout the Mediterranean (where carob originates from), science continues to make new discoveries about the amazing qualities and health benefits of carob.

Carob powder on a marble surface.

Carob – The Amazing Caffeine Free Chocolate Substitute

When growing, carob pods look a bit like large broad bean pods. Once ripe, the pods are gently roasted and ground into a fine powder that looks and tastes surprisingly similar to chocolate. Unlike chocolate and raw cacao, however, carob is caffeine free and theobromine free - thus making carob an awesome substitute for chocolate, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or want to reap the many benefits that a caffeine-free lifestyle brings.

Carob – More Energy, Less Stress

Caffeine induces a ‘fight or flight’ stress response in your body, so for better sleep, more energy, less stress and calm, more balanced moods, limiting caffeine – be it from chocolate/raw cacao, coffee, tea or energy drinks - or avoiding it altogether, is the way to go.

Thank Goodness for Carob

Being caffeine free, our carob chocolate is also a wonderful and suitable option if you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, interstitial cystitis, migraine, autoimmune diseases (such as MS), sleep problems or anxiety, as carob doesn’t aggravate symptoms of these conditions, like caffeine-containing conventional/raw chocolates often do.

Carob is also naturally a much better choice for children, during pregnancy, and for those going through menopause.

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